Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones

Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones

The Two Thrones is the final chapter in the Prince of Persia Trilogy
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Developed by Ubisoft Montreal and released in December 2005 on PS2, PC, Xbox, and Nintendo GameCube then ported on PSP and Wii, The Two Thrones is the last chapter in the Prince of Persia "Sands of Time" trilogy.

Following “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time” and “Prince of Persia: Warrior Within”, it continues the story of Prince of Persia from where the previous games ended.

The Prince and Kaileena, the mysterious Empress of Time, are returning to Babylon only to find it ravaged by war. When they arrive, their ship gets attacked and Kaileena is taken captive. As the story unfolds, the Prince develops a dark alter-ego known as The Dark Prince which tries to posses him, a consequence of his contact with The Sands of Time. While playing The Dark prince, he only fights with a daggertail embedded in his arm, which allows him to make new combos and use a different fighting style. Switches between the two personalities are scripted, the player cannot choose them.

In general, the game design is the same as in the previous games: an interesting mix of acrobatic movements, combo fighting and puzzle solving. The appreciated time-slowing fight option is improved, adding more combos. Also the time-reversing feature from the previous games is present, allowing players to undo some movements in order to keep the Prince alive during the fights or after long jumps.

Even shorter than the previous ones (it takes about ten hours to finish the game), "The Two Thrones" is a valuable and exciting game making a great final for French developer's trilogy.

Dracopol Sebastian
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  • Mix of various elements makes the gameplay addictive
  • Interesting story, great combos and fight style


  • Camera angles are sometimes awkward, making the game somewhat frustrating
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